Cinephonix blog posts from December 2015


We've already discovered the best film making apps for Android devices, now it's time to iOS. There is a high chance that you might see something at a film festival taken on an iOS device or a local documentary even. This just proves that you don't need the industry's top film making gear to make a decent film.

The apps available on iOS certainly exceed those for Android, but we don't think they'll quite replace a professional studio just yet. But if you've got ambition and determination, there is no limit to what you can do with your iPhone or iPad.


When it comes to creating TV commercials, we all want to grab the audiences attention. That's where music comes in. We've all caught ourselves humming a tune from an advert that we've seen on TV or realized that our favorite track became so famous on a commercial.

Music is a vital part of advertising, the average person is flooded with over 5000 advertising messages a day so it's important that you make your commercial stand out from the crowd. Using music is the best way to do this and we can prove it...

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