Cinephonix blog posts from December 2016

Vlogging is one of the most approachable forms of video production. Nowadays, an entire 10-minute-long vlog can be filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube on a smartphone, and the beauty of making vlogs to publish online is that there are no limits to the content you can include! Whether you’re filming your day to day life, a trip out to a sea life centre or just talking into the camera in your bedroom, you can film anything! However, with so many people starting to make vlogs, it’s becoming more and more challenging to gain and maintain an audience. Here are five vloggers who have found the formula to producing successful YouTube vlogging channels, who you can learn from to produce your own.

Vlogging is taking over YouTube and social media and is proving to be extremely popular, with some vlogging YouTubers uploading daily vlogs and receiving over 10 million subscribers. Vlogging appeals to a wide audience, as many people are interested in watching what other people around the world do in their day to day lives. This also makes vlogging a relatively simple form of video production to produce, as all you need is a camera, a computer and some basic editing software. As Cinephonix have recently released the Creator and Creator Pro music licenses, which are perfect for vloggers, we thought we’d look at five affordable vlogging cameras for you to use to film your own vlogs.

UK based Cinephonix composer Richard Hunter produces for a range of productions, including music for games, films, advertisements, and animation. He is also a talented bass player and a very flexible musician, composing music in a range of genres, from jazz to rock. We recently caught up with Richard to find up what he’s been up to and where we can expect to see him in the future.

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