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Posted at 10:00 on 5th February 2015 by Cinephonix in Music


From a small owner managed website, to a large global corporation, no matter what the size, you need to make sure that the music used on your website is properly licensed.

This also applies to posting videos with background music on your own website and on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. Cinephonix allows you to use music for websites with confident, with our flexible and cost effective music solution which is ideal for website use.

Simple and instant

Music clearance for your website is straightforward and immediate with Cinephonix. We offer a simple worldwide license, so you can be certain that the music you use for a website or website video is cleared for worldwide, internet use, including broadcast on website such as YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites. What's more, our rates are very competitive.

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You can purchase music for your website from Cinephonix in 2 ways:

  1. Pay Per Track - Purchase tracks as and when you want them for your website videos. Our standard rate for online and corporate use is £30 per track.
  2. Blanket license - Download as many tracks as you like to use in as many videos as you like for one flat fee. Our standard rate for this is £650 but it covers you for online, website, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and all other online and social media platforms.
Once purchased, you are then cleared to use that track worldwide and in perpetuity.

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Pay Per Track - Find Out More
You can use Cinephonix production music for your websites with confidence, knowing that it is pre-cleared and paid for, with no additional royalties, no further payments based on duplications and no restrictions on territory,

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