Composer Interview with Toby Dunham

Posted at 12:00 on 9th November 2016 by Cinephonix in Music

Toby Dunham, one of Cinephonix's talented composers, has seen success composing music for a range of online shorts, television series and films. Composing music across all genres, Toby specialises in large scale orchestral pieces and creates music from his studio in Suffolk, UK. We caught up with Toby to see what he’s up to.

Hi Toby, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! You clearly have a lot of experience in composing music, when did you start composing?

To compose music for film and TV was always my ambition. As a youngster I was a chorister at Westminster Abbey and was fortunate enough to sing on the soundtrack for James Horner’s stunning score for Braveheart. This left me inspired beyond belief and I composed my first piece of music that night!

What gives you inspiration when composing music?

Music is all about emotion. Once I have found the emotion and the story I am trying to tell then creativity flows from there. With a score for a film this is perhaps easier to distinguish as the emotions are in the story. However, in production library music the emotion and style of the track is completely down to the composer so that freedom without constraint offers huge creative possibilities.

You have a wide range of music on our website. How did you find Cinephonix?  

Cinephonix has a fantastic web presence so it was easy to find their website online through a simple search. I got a great impression of them from the word go as their composer page was so focused on the composer themselves and supporting their creativity. They have a very good rapport with their composers.  

That’s really good to hear! What’s your favourite track you’ve composed so far in your career?  

Being a pianist, I love piano music above anything else. The range of emotions and colours you can achieve with one musician and their instrument is huge. Choosing one track is tricky and I liken it to being asked what my favourite song of all time is, something that changes each time I'm asked. If I had to choose a Cinephonix track that I enjoyed composing most, then probably 'Your Moment To Shine', but the next track might well take its place! 

 Your Moment to Shine

What can we expect to see from you in the upcoming months? Any exciting projects?  

2017 is promising to be a very busy and exciting year for me. I have a number of feature films as well as some TV work and web advertising campaigns coming up. I will of course be continuing to compose new and interesting tracks for Cinephonix as well over the coming months.

How does it feel to watch a film and hear your own music in the background?  

This is what it is all about. Every time I hear my music on the screen I get a real thrill, especially with my library tracks. I find it fascinating to see how production companies use my music. A quiet, solemn piano track could easily be used for a baby nappy advert! You just never know where your music is going to pop up next.

Once again we’d like to thank Toby for answering some of our questions and we’re excited to hear his upcoming music! Toby has almost 100 tracks available on the Cinephonix music library, so make sure you take a listen to his music.  

Toby's Cinephonix Music

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