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Posted at 11:00 on 10th April 2015 by Cinephonix in News


Cast your minds back to September 2014 (it feels like years ago now!), video rights management company Zefr took on social marketing start-up Engodo in an effort to expand into other platforms beyond YouTube. Now Zefr has teamed up with music distribution platform Soundcloud to help develop the audio site's copyright filing and advertising options.

The two companies will work together to decide how the music platform's creators share content. Hopefully, this partnership will help Soundcloud develop their own new system to benefit all users. At the moment, there is no clarification of what this will look like for Sound Cloud but YouTube already use Zefr to we expect something similar on Soundcloud.

Sources believe that SoundCloud will primarily use Zefr for identifying copyrighted content and allowing its owners to run ads on top of the infringing content. SoundCloud currently have their own program for copyright owners and music labels to claim content as their own and issue takedown requests. This is similar to YouTube with its Content ID system. 

Words from SoundCloud CEO.

Implementing this ad focused structure is looking likely at this time. SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung states that through Zefr partnership, his company is aiming to become a mature platform for labels and advertisers. He wants to take another step to becoming the powerhouse player in the digital audio business.

SoundCloud is a popular platform that allows people to share content. Since rebranding in 2012 and selling it's MovieClips, Zefre has seen some impressing growth in the rights management area. The company landed $30 million in funding in February 2013 and works with brands such as Adidas. It has offices based in Boston, Chicago, California, Provo and New York.

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