Five YouTube Vloggers to Gain Inspiration From

Posted at 11:00 on 21st December 2016 by Cinephonix in Skills

Vlogging is one of the most approachable forms of video production. Nowadays, an entire 10-minute-long vlog can be filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube on a smartphone, and the beauty of making vlogs to publish online is that there are no limits to the content you can include! Whether you’re filming your day to day life, a trip out to a sea life centre or just talking into the camera in your bedroom, you can film anything! However, with so many people starting to make vlogs, it’s becoming more and more challenging to gain and maintain an audience. Here are five vloggers who have found the formula to producing successful YouTube vlogging channels, who you can learn from to produce your own.

Casey Neistat
Casey is one of the first vloggers on YouTube who created a large following. He invented what is now one of the most popular vlogging camera set ups, a DSLR camera with a microphone on top, attached to a gorilla pod to hold the camera with. As he comes from a video production background he combines the traditional selfie vlogging style with high-quality shots and drone footage. This makes his vlogs unique and stand out from others. He used to film his day-to-day life living in New York, although he has recently stopped daily vlogging.  

Casey's Channel

Funk Bros

The Funk Bros are relatively new to the vlogging world, however have amassed over 1.7 million subscribers in one year. This proves that it is still possible to make it big in the YouTube community despite the tough competition. The Funk Bros produce daily vlogs which mostly contain action sports, such as trampolining and scootering. There videos mostly attract a younger audience, and they do not include offensive material or profanity in their videos. People enjoy watching their videos, as both of the brothers are talented at action sports and they make their videos entertaining to watch. They also engage with their viewers and fans, which a lot of the big YouTubers don’t do these days.   

Funk Bro's Channel


One of the biggest British vloggers, Zoella, has two very successful YouTube channels. The smaller of the two channels, MoreZoella, is where she uploads regular vlogs. Her videos mostly attract young and teenage girls, due to the topics of her vlogs including make-up and shopping videos. She makes quite long vlogs, each lasting around 25 minutes long, and they all receive over 1 million views. Her vlogging style tends to be filming herself talking to the camera, whether that’s at home or whist she’s walking around somewhere. People are attracted to her positive attitude and friendly personality, which has helped her gain over 4.4 million subscribers. This is impressive considering it is her second channel.

Zoe's Channel


Roman is the most subscribed YouTube vlogger, with over 10 million subscribers, which means he must be doing something right! He produces daily vlogs of his crazy life, where he sets up different stunts in and around his house. He even built a ball pit inside his house for his son, with that video alone gaining over 80 million views! It would be hard for anybody to recreate his style of videos, due to his lifestyle, however watching his videos may help you get your creative juices flowing for your own vlogs. People enjoy watching his videos, as it is a form of escapism. His videos make you feel like you are with him and his family throughout his daily life. His exciting and unique style of videos have built him a solid fan base, and has also allowed him to start his own brand, called Smile More.  

Roman's Channel   


FunForLouis is one of the original YouTube daily vloggers, having uploaded vlogs for 1300 consecutive days and counting. He produces videos of him travelling all over the globe and encourages his viewers to “Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure”. His vlogs are unique, as you get to watch him travel to a wide range of countries around the world. His videos include him exploring glaciers, mountain biking around the Canary Islands and even vlogging a trip to North Korea. He has earnt over 1.8 million subscribers and continues film his experiences travelling around the world. Points to take from his videos which might help you with your own vlogs are the relaxed, jazz background music and his positive laid-back vlogging style. Obviously not everyone has the chance to travel the world, but you can still make travel vlogs of you exploring around local areas or when you go on holiday.      

Louis' Channel

 These five vloggers produce very different styles of videos, each of which has gained them large followings and allow them to make a living from uploading their content. Even after watching hundreds of different vlogs, you won’t be able to produce the same standard of vlogs overnight. It takes a lot of practice and experience to discover your own vlogging style. So my best advice is to pick up a camera, start filming and build from there.  

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