How To Create A Successful Corporate Video

Posted at 11:05 on 12th February 2016 by Cinephonix in Skills


There is no doubt that corporate and web video has significantly grown in popularity over the last few years. Comscore states that people who view a video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.

Corporate video production provides businesses with a tool to promote their services and products. With everyone creating corporate video in the present day, it's essential to create videos that catch people's attention and stand out among content from other advertisers.

Social media has fast become the most popular way for people to share content. You can now create a corporate video, upload it to the web and viewers can email, tweet, re-tweet, post, like and share the video with others, giving it the potential to be viewed worldwide. Corporate video increases traffic to websites, optimizes businesses for SEO and promotes brand awareness. Really, the benefits of corporate video are hard to ignore.

We've put together some top tips to help you create great video and promote your brand.

Tell a story

This will keep the audience interested. A good story will catch the viewers' attention and create an emotional link between the brand and the customer. By developing this connection, the consumer will continue to think about the brand and business and will therefore be more likely to purchase. It doesn't matter what your brand is or the content of the video, there should always be a story to be told.


Make it unique to the brand

This can often be a tiresome and difficult task. It's useful to brainstorm some ideas that are unique to your brand and that make you stand out. What do you do differently to your competitors? What makes you better than them? Identify this and use this in your corporate video.

Try to come up with a concept that uniquely fits the company and the brand image. A smart, unique corporate video will help you stand out from the competition.


Keep the video short

The average viewing time for all corporate videos is shrinking. Previously, it was advised that videos should be around 3 minutes long but in the last few years, the general guidance has changed to around 60 seconds.

This is because the people's attention spans are shrinking, you have to connect with the viewer within the first few seconds of the video for them to continue watching. Video length can be a deterrent - sometimes, users may glance at the length of a video before watching. If it looks too long, then they're likely to move on without even watching the video.

We suggest you keep the length of your corporate video as short as possible. Some of the most effective videos on the web are 30 or even 15 seconds long. Typically, the majority of internet users don't have the time or attention span to watch a video for longer than a minute, so you need to find a way to effectively get the message across in a short time frame.


Identify your target audience

It's vital to determine who you want to view the video or purchase your product before you create your video. The approach to producing a corporate video is largely dependent on the target audience. Throughout the entire production process, it's good to constantly remind yourself of who is being targeted in the video. This will prevent you straying off relevant tone and content.

You want to create a video that will have a high impact on those particular desired viewers. Your audience could be very broad or it could be very targeted and specific. Either way, what's the best way to get your message across to them and make them remember it?


Don't try and sell

Ads are annoying and interruptive. They distract viewers from your great video and mistify the message that you're trying to get across. People are viewing your video because they're interested, not because they want to share commercials and look elsewhere.

The goal of your video should be to get people talking about your brand. This will create sales without having to use ads. It's much more attractive when the video shows a brand personality and values instead of just giving the impression of selling something.

The use of corporate video is going to continue to increase fast. If your brand doesn't have a corporate video, then you could potentially be missing a number of customers to your competitors who have videos. People don't want to read about you and your company, they want to see and hear it.

If you're working on a corporate video, don't forget music. Background music will enhance your video, conveying emotion and allow you to connect with your audience. Get great production music for your next corporate video from Cinephonix.

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