How to make a Video Tutorial

Posted at 10:00 on 17th November 2016 by Cinephonix in Skills


Online videos have made it easier than ever to learn new skills and solve your problems. With just one simple search you can find the answer to basically any question, whether that’s how to fix a puncture on a bike or how to do a backflip on a trampoline. Tutorials regularly gain a high number of views, as there are always people that need help with something. In this article you will learn the steps you need to take in order to produce your own video tutorials. Yes, this is a tutorial on how to make a tutorial!


Before you start recording your video, it is worth taking the time to plan out your tutorial. Brainstorming, mind maps and writing down notes will help you prepare for your video. You need to have a clear idea of what you’re making a tutorial about, your target audience and what you’re going to include in your video.  


Make sure you’re well prepared before you start filming. Get everything you’re going to need in your video ready so that you’re not looking around for them on camera. For example, if I was making a tutorial on how to make a cup of tea, I’d make sure I have a mug, tea bag, kettle, milk and sugar ready before I start filming. Nobody wants to watch an unorganised and unprofessional video tutorial, they’ll probably just click on a different video.  


The great thing about online videos is that you do not need to own the best or most expensive equipment to make a good video. Some of the most successful video creators film their productions on their smart phone or laptop webcam. Choose how you’re going to film your video, whether that’s phone, laptop or video camera. If you’re making a tutorial on your computer, such as a video editing tutorial, you might need to use screen recording software. Mac computers come with QuickTime, which has a screen recording function. You can search online for other free screen recorders or pay for software such as Fraps.  

Fraps Website

Other optional equipment that you might want to consider is a microphone, tripod and lighting. These can be purchased for reasonable prices online and can help improve the quality of your tutorial. During your tutorial, make sure you speak clearly and record in a quiet location to avoid any background noise. Although you don’t want to waffle on and go off topic, it’s also important that you don’t rush through the tutorial, as this could confuse your audience.



Editing your video doesn’t need to be a long or confusing process. These days editing software is becoming easier to use, allowing you to edit video clips together in minutes. Choose what editing software you want to use either on your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone, maybe add some text or a logo and even some royalty free background music and then your tutorial is ready to upload.


You have a wide range of options when it comes to uploading your videos online. You might want to upload your tutorial to YouTube, Vimeo, social media sites or even your own website. Don’t be afraid to look in the advance upload settings to select a custom thumbnail for your video and create tags so that people can find your video.

That’s all there is to it! It is easy to produce a high-quality tutorial in just an hour and the results can be very rewarding. Not only are you helping people with your tutorial, you could also receive a high number of views and even generate revenue from advertisers.

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