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Posted at 10:00 on 7th February 2016 by Cinephonix in Skills


Social video has exploded over the past few years and it's predicted that it'll continue to grow exponentially. Video actually accounts for 80% of global internet traffic with the number of people watching YouTube videos increasing by 40% year on year.

The fast growth of technology means that anyone can now create a relatively professional looking video and upload it to YouTube. Because of this, anyone uploading a video to YouTube is competing with over a billion other users, all wanting their video to be viewed and acknowledged.

You could have made the best video in the world, but you're going to need more than just your creative skill set if you want people to find your video and channel. But with smart planning, hard work and even some luck, your YouTube channel can shine among everyone else's.

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Getting set up

First things first, make sure your channel is completely ready for visitors before you start promoting it. Here's a quick checklist to help make sure your channel is ready to go:

  • Is your channel SEO friendly? Make sure you have short, clear video titles and don't forget to fill in the keywords section for every video.
  • Does your channel look good? Make use of header graphics, logo spaces and social media links. Uploading eye catching and attractive images will make your channel look more professional and get noticed.
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  • Finally, make sure your channel is consistent. People like consistency so having scheduled video release dates and keeping all your videos around the same length makes it easier for people to connect with you and your channel.

Promoting your channel

In the first instance, check out YouTube's Creator Studio which provides you with tools to organize your channel, interact with fans and manage your videos.

Go to YouTube's Creator Studio
  • Get your name out there - List links to your videos whenever you get the chance too. Social media, blogs and forums are all a great place to promote your channel. Once you're listed, post about every new video you make. This consistency of posting about every video will get your channel noticed.
  • Notice key influences in your field - If someone regularly comments on your videos, it means they like what you do so they're likely to be willing to promote you or give you a shout out now and again. 
  • Cross promotion - Try and recognize opportunities for cross promotion. If you're a mobile phone network, you may work together with a music artist and use some of their songs as exclusive ringtones. This then benefits both of you as it gives the mobile phone network an advantage and sets them apart from other companies and allows the artist to get their music listened to.
  • Subscriptions - Encourage people to subscribe to your channel. You could provide an incentive for them to do this such as free giveaways or discounts on various products. The more subscribers you have, the more popular and professional your channel looks so people will continue to subscribe.
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Doing all of the above will ensure that your YouTube channel is the best it can be. But don't forget, building a follower base doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, trust and hard work. But if you remain consistent and positive, your subscribers can only increase.

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