The Must Have Cinematography Apps Of 2016

Posted at 10:00 on 22nd January 2016 by Cinephonix in Skills


From data calculators to camera guides, these top Cinematography apps have all the tools you need to make your Cinematography perfect in 2016.

Digital Cinema Pocket Guides

Whether you're working with a $1000 camera or a $10,000 camera, these pocket guides will ensure you're ready to shoot with whatever camera you're using. There are 30 guides for different cameras which you can download to your phone or tablet or even print so that you always have them to hand.

Pocket Guides

The easy to read layout allows you to quickly find what you need at only $0.99 per guide. Or, you can even buy the whole bundle for $14.85 - a 50% discount on there standard price so get in there quick! If you're downloading the app, it's compatible with all major app stores including IOS, OSX, Android and Windows.

Get Digital Cinema Pocket Guides Now

Artemis Director's Viewfinder can reproduce any camera, aspect ratio and lens combination - allowing you to replicate the viewfinder of any camera. This app is particularly good for blocking, scouting and creating storyboards.

View Finder

It's compatible with Android and Apple and it's available on the app store for $29.99.

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pCam Film and Digital Pro

This is one of the most praised apps in the industry right now and has won an emmy award for engineering. Features include a built in user guide on each screen, customizable, user defined camera formats and various motion picture and HD Video formats.

pCam Film And Digital Pro

This app is definitely worth the price of $29.99, it's a must-have. You only need to check out the reviews to re-assure you.

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Helios Sun and Moon Position Calculator

This is probably the best sun calculator out there and it even works without a network connection. The app has 7 modes to track the sun:

  1. Heliometer - representing the direction of the sun on a compass dial, also indicating elevation and shadow length
  2. Sun path view - shows the path of the sun the old fashioned way
  3. Virtual sun view - showing suns path overlaid onto the live camera image
  4. Sky view - a representation of the sun's path across the sky
  5. Map view - showing the direction of the sun overlaid onto a map of the location
  6. Inclinometer - determines at which times the sun will be at a certain elevation
  7. Compass - showing the azimuth of the sun in both degrees and time of day
Helios Sun & Moon Calculator

This app is compatible with IOS 8.0 or later and is available on the app store for $29.99

Get Helios Sun & Moon Calculator Now

Shot Lister

This is a professional shot list and scheduling app. It provides you with the functionality to categorize each shot to include the type of shot and gear needed. You can even upload a script and start breaking down shots with the pro version.


This app is considerably more affordable than the apps above at $13.99 and is compatible with iOS.

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So that sums up our top Cinematography apps of 2016, for a free option, also check out Google Street View which is great for finding locations and is compatible with Google Cardboard so it's worth trying out.

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