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Cinephonix is your perfect resource for high quality background music.

It's crucial to find the right background music for your online video, ad or TV production. A carefully chosen background track has the power to bring your content to life and create emotion around your message. Despite this, choosing the right track for your video can be tricky. That's where Cinephonix comes in.

Background music for video

We offer a simple, worldwide license, so you can be confident that the background music you're using is cleared for worldwide use, in perpetuity (forever!). Whether you want background music for online video, TV or radio, we have the tracks to make your production stand out.

You can purchase background music from Cinephonix in 2 ways:

Option 1 - Pay Per Track - A Single Use License - think "pay as you go"
Option 2 - Unlimited Use - A Blanket License

Pay per track

Pay per track is like a 'pay-as-you-go' license. Once you've purchased a track, you're cleared to use that track as many times as you like in one single video. If you want to use the same track again in a separate second or third video, you must purchase the track again.

To find background music on a pay per track basis, select your intended usage and currency from the drop down menu.

Blanket License

Using a large volume of background music in your films and videos? Our blanket license is a great way to access as much music as you like and use it in as many productions as you like. It gives you unlimited access for the whole year and we can also structure payments over the course of the year to help manage your cash flow.

Find Out More About Blanket Licenses

Searching for background music

You can use our mood, genre and style grid to search specifically for background music for your video. Simply select 'Background' under the styles section to filter the track selection based on tracks that we think work perfectly as backing tracks.

You can then select further genre's, styles, moods and instruments to narrow down your search for background music.

Check out our top 10 background tracks in our playlist below. Once you've picked that perfect track, we've made the licensing process simple so you're cleared worldwide for multi-platform use, in perpetuity.

Our Top 10 Background Tracks
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