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Who can use the Cinephonix production music library?
Anyone who needs to find production music for a website, film, TV production, TV advertising, corporate video, computer games, radio promotion or something similar. Our exceptional music has been used in high end films and documentaries, as well as corporate promotional videos and You Tube clips! If you’re not sure about your usage, simply email hello@cinephonix.com

What does it cost to use the music?
The exact cost depends on how you’re planning to use the music. That’s why we ask you to tell us how you’re going to use the music before you see the price for each track. We aim to keep our costs competitive and our music cutting edge. Buying pre-licenced music through Cinephonix is often much cheaper than using other sources of production music. See our rates for more details.

What's the difference between a Single Use and Blanket Licence?
Cinephonix offers two ways to purchase production music. A Single Use license allows you to use one track as many times as you like in one production (e.g. one video, TV programme or advert). If you want to use the same track in a different production you’ll need to purchase it again. In the same way, if you want to use two different tracks in one production, you’ll need to buy a Single Use license for each one.

Buying a Blanket License gives you unlimited access to the Cinephonix music library. You can use as many tracks as you like in different productions – ideal if you’re working on lots of different projects for different clients. Blanket Licenses are available for different usage types. See our rates for full price details.

The TV Production Blanket License gives you access to as much music as you like in the music library, but for one single TV production.

Do I need to ask the composer if I can use their music?
No. Cinephonix represents a network of composers who have licenced their music exclusively to us. As long as you follow our terms and conditions you don’t need to seek any further permissions to use our music.

Do I need to buy an additional licence from the MCPS or other mechanical collection society to use Cinephonix music?
No. Unlike many other production music libraries you don’t need to apply for an MCPS licence to use our music. You simply pay one fee to Cinephonix and you’re licensed to use the music straight away, anywhere in the world. You’re actually buying your ‘synchronisation licence’ when you purchase one of our tracks.

Do I need to pay any fees to the PRS or other performing rights society?
No, in most cases the only payment you’ll ever need to make is to Cinephonix when you first buy our music. After that, all you need to do is report the use of our music to us once you have completed your project by emailing us a simple reporting sheet.

Paying the PRS or other performing rights organisation is the responsibility of the entity that ‘broadcasts’ the project containing Cinephonix music. A broadcast is usually made via TV, radio, satellite or the internet, and therefore it’s the responsibility of the TV company, radio station or website owner to buy a licence from the relevant performing rights organisation. Often a broadcaster will have a blanket license covering all their music usage.

Still confused? Contact us with even the most simple of questions. We promise to give you a simple answer.

What is the PRS anyway?
The PRS is the Performing Rights organisation for the United Kingdom. Similar organisations exist in other countries. Click here to see a full list. The job of these performing rights organisations is to collect fees for the public broadcast or performance of music and distribute these fees to the composers and publishers of the music. They make sure that composers are fairly rewarded for their work and creativity.

I want to audition a few different tracks before deciding what to use. Do I have to buy them all first?
No. We’re happy to let you audition tracks before making a final choice. We allow you to download and trial full length tracks in your production, without any obligation to purchase. See our Try Before You Buy page for more details.

I bought a track for one production and now I want to use it somewhere else. Do I have to pay again?
When you buy a track from Cinephonix under a Single Use license, you have the right to use that track in one production only, for example as background music for one web video, or in one TV programme. If you want to use the track in more than one production, you will need to buy a new licence. You can do this by returning to the website and purchasing the track again.

For example, if you’re a web designer working on two websites for different clients and you want to use the same music on both websites, you need to buy the track twice.

Alternatively, you could save money by buying a blanket license which allows you unlimited use of the whole Cinephonix music library in as many different projects as you like.

I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Can I edit some of the music on the site?
You don’t have to use a whole track – using sections is fine, and you can use parts of the same track more than once in a production. However, you can’t amend a track, add lyrics, or otherwise alter the composer’s original work. If you want something that’s tailored exactly to your needs then why not commission original music from one of our composers. We represent a network of composers from all over the world who can create exactly what you need at a price that suits your budget.

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