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Use Cinephonix Music For TV Advertising With Confidence.

When it comes to creating ads, we all want to grab the audience's attention. That's where Cinephonix music comes in. We've all caught ourselves humming a tune from an ad we've seen on TV or realized that our favorite song became famous on a commercial. That's why it's vital to include music in your advertisement.

Advertising in the present day requires multi-platform campaigns, worldwide. Cinephonix provides a flexible and cost effective music solution which is ideal for advertisements.

Our licensing is simple, all our music is cleared for worldwide use, in perpetuity. When purchasing music for an advertisement, you are also cleared to use tracks on social media, so you can also upload the ad to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all other online platforms.

Try Before You Buy

Download tracks to try out in your ad before purchasing them. When you're working on an edit, there could be a number of tracks that you think could work but you don't know until you've purchased and downloaded the track.

At Cinephonix, our Try Before You Buy account allows you to download and synchronize different tracks into your production before ultimately purchasing the ones that work. 

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Purchasing music for advertisements

Cinephonix has made it simple for you to purchase music for your next project. You can purchase music in two ways.

  1. Pay per track - simply purchase tracks on a track by track basis, as and when you want them. Think of it like 'pay as you go'.
  2. Blanket license - download as many tracks as you like and use them in as many ads as you like for one set fee.

1. Pay Per Track - A single use license

Purchase tracks on a single use basis, as and when you want them. Once purchased, you can use that track in a single commercial, if you want to use that same track in a different or a new commercial, you'd simply need to purchase the track again.

To view rates for purchasing tracks on a pay per track basis, select your chosen currency at the top of the track selection and then select "Commercials/Ads" from the drop down menu. The price for each track will then appear to the right hand side of each track.

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2. Blanket License - Unlimited use

A blanket license is great if you're using a large volume of music. It allows you to download as many tracks as you like and use them in as many ads as you like for a whole year. We also offer the option to stagger payments so you can manage your cash flow, you can either pay upfront, monthly or quarterly.

Rates for our TV ads blanket license start from $2000 per year. This will also cover you for online and corporate use, including YouTube and social media. If you'd be interested in a blanket license or if you have any questions about our rates, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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