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If you are an App developer, Cinephonix is your perfect source for finding music for your apps.

Apps have been around for a while, but many music companies have been slow to recognise this growing media platform. This makes licensing music for apps difficult and often complicated. Cinephonix is at the forefront of simple music licensing for global cross media content. Licensing our music for apps is straightforward and cost effective. Here’s how it works:

Library Music For Apps
Browse our music library and select any tracks that work for your App. To view the correct price for a track, select the “Professional and Corporate” usage category from the drop down menu.

The price displayed is the price you pay for an individual music track and it is known as a Single Use License. Once purchased, you can use this track as many times as you like in one App. If you are producing a second, different App, and you want to use the same piece of music again, you must purchase the track a second time.

If you intend to purchase multiple tracks, it may be more cost effective to purchase a Blanket License. A Blanket License allows you to use as much music as you like in any number of Apps produced during a 12 month period. You can view our Blanket License rates here.

Whether you purchase music by way of a Single Use or Blanket License, you only pay the up front cost and our music is cleared when synchronised with that App forever. No further royalty payments or further fees per download when you sell your App. Not only that, but our music is pre-cleared for worldwide use, so you don’t have to worry if your App sells internationally. We think our App music licensing is one of the most simple and straightforward licensing plans in the market and one of the most cost effective too.

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Commission Original Music For Your App

Want something completely different and new? Commission one of our experienced composers to score original music for your App. Browse our versatile composers here and contact us to discuss your project.

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