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It's quick and easy to use our music for your vlogging videos

Music is a vital part of any video so if you're growing your presence on YouTube and vlogging, you'll find that using production music in the background of your video will give it a polished look, enhance the mood and engage your viewers to watch for longer.

But you can’t just use any music in your video, especially if you’re going to be uploading it to YouTube. Our YouTube friendly licenses make it simple and cost effective for you to use music in your vlogs.

Licensing Cinephonix music for your vlogs

We offer two different licenses for vlogs:

Creator: This is perfect for making personal videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc and student films. This license doesn't allow you to monetize your YouTube content.

Creator PRO: This has all the benefits of the creator license, plus you can generate revenue from your videos and monetize your YouTube content from day one.

Still not sure what license you need? Check out our quick comparison chart to help you decide.

Music Licensing Comparison 
All our music is fully integrated with YouTube's Content ID system which means we can make sure 3rd party ads never display on your videos with our PRO license and you can monetize your vlogs without worrying about copyright.

Purchase music for your vlogs on a pay per track basis or get unlimited use to all our music for an affordable and competitive price and take your YouTube content to the next level.

Pay per track: Simply purchase tracks as and when you need them from the Cinephonix website. Once purchased, tracks can be downloaded in an instant and synchronized into your vlog,

Blanket License: Get unlimited access to our music library; download as many tracks as you like to use in as many vlogs as you like. Search through thousands of moods, genres and styles of music to find that perfect track for your video.

We pride ourselves on providing premium quality production music at an affordable price which is why you'll find our rates are competitive an cost effective.

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