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Use stem files from Cinephonix to improve the audio in your videos

You now have total music control with our tracks, make them fit the edit points of your video and customise the track completely. You get total control to tailor your track precisely to your film.

Find out more about how our stem packs work below:

What are stem packs? 

Stem packs give you complete flexibility and freedom when editing audio for your video productions. Stem packs provide you with the individual instrument files so you can change, remove and tweak each element of the track. They can be downloaded and imported into your chosen editing software in an instant.

What are the advantages of using stem packs?

Stem packs allow you to edit a single track, without it affecting the other elements or instruments within the track. For example, you could remove the drum without it affecting the rest of the track or making it sound distorted. You could also change the loudness of instruments, the length of time they play for and at what point they play within the track. You can easily optimise the audio to suit the edit points of your video and your specific needs.

How do I find a stem pack?

Downloading a stem pack is an easy, straightforward process.

1. First, log onto your account at and search the songs available in our library

2. When you find a track you want to license, click on the ‘Expand All (+)’ button to see if stems are available. Sometimes, stems may be available for tracks but not yet live on the site. In these instances, you can request the stem pack and one of our team can send it you direct.

3. If a stem pack is available, you have the option to purchase each stem individually, or the full stem pack. When a stem pack is added to your basket, the master track will automatically also be added. To add a stem or stem pack to your basket, simply click on the shopping cart icon to the right hand side of each stem.

Stem Expansion

How do I download a stem pack?

1. Once you’ve added the stem pack to your basket, simply proceed to the basket page to view your order.


2. Once you’re happy with your track, you simply need to confirm the terms and conditions and then click confirm order.

Confirm order

3. Once you’ve completed the purchase, you’ll be directed to your ‘Available Downloads’ where you can download the stem pack.  

4. To download the stem packs, click on the download button to the right of each stem.


5. Choose to download the track in either an MP3 or WAV file and voila! You can now use the stems in your video editing software.


Let us do the hard work for you

Cinephonix Studio can work with you to create a customised music solution for your production. You’ve chosen your music from our library, but what next? Hand us the reigns and we will tweak your chosen track to specifically fit your edit points of your video.

The Cinephonix team have worked on feature films, TV shows, documentaries, commercials and everything in between so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance with your production!

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Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about stems or if you need any assistance with your music search, we’re more than happy to help!

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