Using The Refining & Expanding Search Filters

Find the perfect track in just a few clicks

We've made finding and searching our music quick and easy. Use our refining and expanding search filters to sort through our library and find exactly what you're looking for.

Refining Search

Use this setting to find tracks within specific styles, genres, moods & instruments. The more filters you select, the narrower your search will become. So if you select 'Bright', 'Electronic' and 'Guitar', this will filter the library for tracks containing all three of these elements. All tracks suggested will be bright and electronic with guitar.

Refining Your Music Search

This search is really useful if you're looking for a specific style of track and know exactly what you want. You'll never come to a 'dead end' with our refining search. As you select more filters, the system removes any irrelevant filters so your search will always reveal results.

Where this search type doesn't work as well is if you're looking for a broader variety of tracks. For example, if you don't have a specific style of track in mind but you wanted tracks that were motivational, energetic and funny, the refining search would only produce results that had all 3 of these filters included in the track. For broader searches, the 'Expanding Search' filter is more effective.

Expanding Search

Use this setting to accumulate tracks. The more filters you select, the wider your search results become. So if you selected epic, happy and cinematic, the search would display a mixture of all these styles of tracks. Each track won't contain all 3 of these elements like it would in the 'Refining Search' but it produces a wider search result of tracks which are epic, happy and cinematic in general.

Expanding Your Music Search

This search type works effectively when searching for moods, genres and styles that are all relatively similar. For example, celebration, happy, feel-good and upbeat. Where it wouldn't work so well is if you were looking for tracks that contained more than one filter in the same track. For example, if you were searching for electronic tracks with flute, the search would produce electronic tracks and flute tracks which would be more likely to be orchestral based.

You can always restart and change your search by selecting 'Clear All Filters' or switching between the refining and expanding search tabs.

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