Where Can I Use Cinephonix Music

Cinephonix music is ideal for multi-platform, worldwide use.

Our music library is ideal for film, TV and corporate video production companies who require a simple licensing structure and quality music at reasonable cost. We also provide music for advertising, both on TV and radio and also for websites, pod casts, YouTube videos and corporate presentations.

Our customers like us because we provide them with fantastic flexibility. For example, advertising companies today require music clearances across TV, the web and in cinemas. We provide this as standard. TV companies now broadcast TV programmes across multi territories. We provide a simple worldwide license. Take a look at the short-cuts below to the most common forms of use for our music.

Music For TV ProductionMusic For AdvertisingMusic For RadioMusic For Corporate VideosMusic For WebsitesMusic For YouTube and Facebook
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If you have a particular music use that you would like to discuss with us. Please drop us a line.

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