YouTube Clearance

Cinephonix 3rd Party Matched Copyright Notice Clearance

Complete the form below to prevent any YouTube 3rd Party Matched Copyright Notice on your video.

Submit a new form for each new video uploaded to YouTube that contains Cinephonix Music

Once you have submitted this form, your clearance request will be cross checked with your Cinephonix license payment history. We will then prevent your video from forced ads and copyright infringement notices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I submit my video url?

It is best to submit your YouTube video url within 12 hours of your video going live on YouTube. You do not qualify for the YouTube Friendly Guarantee if you don't submit your video url within this time. 

How do I get my YouTube link?

This is a simple process. Simply go to the individual video that you’d like to broadcast and scroll down below the video and click the ‘Share’ button. Your YouTube video link will then appear for you to copy and paste into the form on this page.

What happens if I want to clear another video?
You simply need to complete the form again and copy and paste the url of your new video into the form.

What happens when I submit my YouTube url to you?
We ensure that YouTube knows that you are using properly licensed music in your videos. This means that you avoid any "3rd Party Copyright Infringement Notices" associated with the use of our music.

If you have any questions about our YouTube clearance or are unsure about your music license, click here to get in touch.

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