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So What Is Copyright Free Music?

Copyright Free Music is a term used to describe music that can be purchased for use without the requirement to pay further royalties for the use of the music, or pay for a further license to use the music for a different use.

The name is actually a misnomer, because copyright exists in all music by law and you can't actually have music that didn't have copyright at the outset. However the term Copyright Free is used to describe the level of permissions you need to seek when you want to use that piece of music. 

 You need to be careful when you are purchasing Copyright Free Music, because often it is not copyright free at all! A number of companies market music as copyright free, but then in the small print, they restrict the use of the music in particular ways. Common restrictions include use of the music across different media platforms - for example you might purchase Copyright Free Music for use on the Internet - but it might not allow you to use the music for your next Hollywood feature film project. Copyright Free Music is also often called Royalty Free Music or Rights Free Music or Buyout Music.  Again, always make sure you read the small print - as it might not be as simple to use as it seems.

At Cinephonix we try to be clear and transparent in how you can use our music. You can purchase our music simply by selecting your intended usage. For example, music for TV, music for TV ads or music for websites etc. Once you've selected the accurate useage, you are free to use our music in your production. It is cleared worldwide for that use. Simple, straightforward. We do not describe Cinephonix music as Copyright Free Music because it isn't. However, our simple licensing means that when you purchase our music, you only have to pay the one upfront fee for the music use. We do collect royalties from companies that broadcast our music. These companies are usually major television broadcasters, YouTube, Cinemas and others. These companies have blanket licenses in place with the major collection societies. So it's not up to you to pay these costs. 

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