Synchronisation and Synchronisation Licenses

Single Use License or Blanket License

Synchronisation is the process of laying a music track over a film or video or any "moving picture".

Synchronisation maybe for a film, T.V. programme, music video or advertising commercial or a corporate film. Generally for music use in any any visual media, the owner of the music (the "Publisher") will grant a license (the Synchronisation License) to the producer of the video granting the producer to right to use the music when synchronised with that specific video. Usually the producer makes a payment in exchange for the grant of license.

Cinephonix grants a synchronisation license in two ways, either a Single Use License – where you pay to use a piece of music in a single video or film. Or under a Blanket License, where you pay to use as much music as you like in any number of films or videos for a 12 month period.

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