Usage or Media Categories

Make sure you are licensed for your intended use.

Often, the cost of using a piece of music in a film or video is determined by the intended "use" or broadcast platform of the production. For example, if the intended use for a film is to be broadcast on a corporate website or YouTube, the cost for using a piece of music in that film will typically be less than if the production was going to be broadcast on television, or if it was going to be a major national television commercial.

Cinephonix divides its music "use" into three simple categories:

  • TV Commercial or Film Use - for use in television advertising and cinematic films;
  • TV Production or Radio Use - for use on in TV programmes and any Radio use; and
  • Website or Corporate Video Use - for corporate films or for uploading films to websites and online broadcasters
Our rates vary according to the use you select. For example, you pay a little more for TV use and a little less for internet use.

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