Michael Simmons is the man behind Conformist, hailing originally from the picturesque village of Dale in Pembrokeshire; Michael’s musical inspiration quickened with a move to Cardiff's beckoning City lights and 2012 saw the release of his critically acclaimed debut album "Paid To Fake It".

Conformist expertly manipulates and reassembles intricate layers of sounds, sampling from cable TV shows, shopping channels, talk shows, pornos, the dregs of TV, hacking, editing to extreme levels of complexity, cutting and pasting together a complex patch work quilt of filthy noise the soundtrack to the cities seedy post-apocalyptic underbelly! His 8 bit analogue chip-tune melodies are shuddered by Post-Dubstep basslines, sliced open by jagged post punk guitars, and thudded by huge 808 drums hits, which sound like a tower block collapsing.

Conformists glum swatches of electronic sound offer a neat line in humour too, morally bereft and cutting to the punch line, exposing cliché and avoiding it. Thus his work is built for the dance floor as much as it is for thought provoking head moving headphone sessions in the dead of night. In the past Conformist has been praised gained airplay on Steve Lamacq’s on R1 and Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show and earned the praise of local tome The Miniature Music Press and the influential Careless Talk Costs Lives magazine.

Conformist is due to follow up hid debut with a second full length record in 2016.
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