Knut Andresen

Knut Andresen is an Oslo musician and producer with an innovative creative vision. Already an experienced performer, he is a skilled drummer, synth and guitar player. His multi-talented abilities and technical prowess guarantee a highly commercial result.

Keeping his finger on the pulse, he uses the latest studio technology to produce a sound that is fresh and experimental. Mixing an interesting palette of sonic colour, he enjoys writing and producing across many genres. Refusing to be restricted, he has enthusiastically collaborated with a range of vocalists from opera to rap, and his own compositions range from soothing electronic ambience to ear-catching pop.

He has also gained a growing reputation as a score writer, having been selected to compose and produce for promotional and commercial movies, tv shows and documentaries.
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Composed by Knut AndresenISRC Number: GB-PB6-16-01501
Displaying 1 - 15 of 15 tracks 1 - 15
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