Richard Hunter

Richard Hunter was born in Glasgow, UK and moved to London in 2009 to study music. A multi Instrumentalist, he gained an BMus (Hons) Degree in Music with Bimm Tech Music School in association with the University of West London and London College of Music, studying under composers Adam Bird and Kevin Webster. After graduating in 2012, Richard has had experience observing and assisting with award winning composer Patrick Doyle and television composer Tom Howe. Experiencing the development of Sony's platformer game "Puppeteer" at Patrick Doyles Shepperton Studios, and various television adverts at
Tom Howes studio in London, composing orchestral and media work became a bigger part of Richard's writing process. Now with his own music studio at creative hub Hayburn Studios, Richard aims to provide fresh, versatile and creative musical
works to suit the needs of developers.

Richards music involves epic, immersive and compelling orchestral work delivering a vivid and dramatic journey for all types of listeners. Using both orchestral and contemporary instruments, he fuses traditional scoring, sound design, and electronica to create an enticing and compelling world. Music is inspired by composers such Thomas Bergersen, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer, However, Richard uses his experience with award-winning film composer Patrick Doyle to deliver a modern and fresh edge to his soundtracks. His credits include providing music for Rockfall Studios and Glasgow Music Studios. Recording, performing and producing work for various bands such as Maya Viper Ravens Noose, Maelstrom, Creation Worldwide, Freak Static, Ship of Theseus and various other bands and educational organisations throughout the UK.
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