Uriel Villalobos Alva

Untiring experimentalist musician, specializing in cinematography at Berklee College of music; He studied sound design with two-time Oscar nominee Martín Hernández (Birdman, Revenant). He is distinguished by his commitment to perform quality work that properly combine images with sound. This dedication to the creative process has led him to cover an extensive palette of sounds that has allowed him to work in films like "Redención" (2009), a film thriller from director Juan Pablo Cortés, also in the crime thriller "Dame tus ojos" (2012), from the director José Luis Gutierrez, and in a tex/mex violent short film "Kiss of vengeance" (2013) from Fernando Barreda Luna, that was proyected at the SITGES Festival in 2014.
As well, the work of Uriel also extends to art films, as evidenced of his work in "Nomadas" (2011), the award-winning director Ricardo Benet, or the animated short film, "Prita Noire" (2011) winner the "ARIEL" for the best animation short film and multi award-winning piece in national and international festivals from Sofia Carrillo, and even the romantic comedy, "31 días" (2012), from the director Erika Grediaga. "Luna de Miel" (2015), directed by Diego Cohen who has also participated in numerous festivals such as the fantastic film festival in Brussels, Bucheon international fantastic film festival in korea; "De las Muertas" (2015) of Jose Luis Gutierrez.
His most recent involvement is "1974" (2016), Best Latin American Film SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalunya and Best film Public Award in Mórbido FilmFestival México,from the director Victor Dryere.
These films, just to be mentioned, are just some examples of projects that Uriel has participate.
Uriel Villalobos capacity to achieve an understanding the creative process of the directors ,as well his sensitivity and openness to work with various film genres, enable him to forge close professional ties, which always arise future projects and collaborations.
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