Alex Arrowsmith

Alex Arrowsmith is a Portland, OR-based musician and songwriter. He has self-produced and self-released many records since 2001, most often in the style of melodic—and often quirky—Beatle-style pop. Alex’s songs have aired on several radio stations, and on television shows such as NBC’s Today Show and the UK teen drama Skins.

In recent years, he has found a love for creating instrumental music for film, TV and advertising. Most of his instrumental music is lush and synth-based, but still with an eye toward pop conventions. This marriage between the ambient and the Beatley is what defines Alex’s approach to instrumental compositions.

Alex also achieved mild internet celebrity status with the YouTube political satire “Bomb Iran” which has racked up over 179,000 views and has been featured on CNN.
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Composed by Alex ArrowsmithISRC Number: GB-PB6-11-00901
Keywords: Hanson, Teenage
Composed by Alex ArrowsmithISRC Number: GB-PB6-11-00601
Keywords: 1980
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