Happy New Year! For the first blog of the year we’ll be looking at some of the best upcoming films in 2017. Although many people will look back on 2016 as being a year of celebrity deaths and controversial political movements, it cannot be argued that it was a great year for film. 10 Cloverfield Lane, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and Room were all huge films and 2017 looks like it isn’t going to disappoint either. Here are five highly anticipated films coming out this year.

2016 has seen drone technology advance at an incredible rate. Features that were once only seen in professional, industry standard drones are now becoming available in drones costing under £500. This is really exciting for filmmakers shooting on a budget, and opens up a whole range of new possibilities when shooting your videos. However, with so many new impressive drones released in 2016, how do you decide which drone is right for you? Hopefully this list of the top 5 drones released in 2016 will help you.

Music saved my life

We’re loving this article by Laura Westcott, it really shows the amazing impact that music can have on mental health. Check out Laura’s full article below and be sure to support Music for Mental Wealth, a campaign that aims to help people who have struggled with the negative impact of stress and anxiety by using music.



We're so excited to announce that we'll be recording live with a full orchestra at the Rudolfinum today in Prague!

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