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Simple And Straightforward Pricing.

Purchasing music from Cinephonix is simple and straightforward. What's more, there are no hidden costs, or extras or requirements to renew your license.

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Good for personal videos on YouTube, Facebook etc., vloggers, student films. Not for profit games or apps.

Single Use
Pay per single track
Blanket License
Monthly subscription
License Details
Perfect for YouTube, Facebook etc.

Does not allow monetization
Creator PRO
Stops 3rd-party ads on your videos. Allows you to monetize your videos on YouTube, podcasts, Vimeo etc.


Good for TV, Radio, Online video promoting a product, service or brands such as corporate video, charity films and tutorials for business websites.

STEM packs available on all uses for just £20
Single Use
Pay per track
Blanket License
12 months unlimited tracks
Single Production
Unlimited tracks in one production
License Details
Website & Corporate and for profit apps
No 3rd party online ads.
Allows monetization
TV/Radio Production & Radio Commercials
Contact Us
Also covers production online, VOD, OTT and radio commercials.
TV Commercials & Online Advertising
Contact Us
Contact Us
Advertising/commercials where media space has been paid for online, broadcast or theatrical.

Stem Packs
Add a stem pack to your order for just £20 regardless of your license. Our stem packs give you complete flexibility when editing the track to suit the edit points.

Try Before You Buy
Download unlimited tracks to trial out in your production. When you're in an edit, you'll want to try out different music options to see what works. Or maybe you need to get a second or third opinion on a track before it's approved. At Cinephonix, we've made this easy. We allow you to download and synchronize different tracks into your production before purchasing them,

Upgrade to TryBeforeYouBuy

Short films
If you’re making a short film, please contact us for licensing. We support upcoming filmmakers and can sometimes give licenses at minimal/no cost.

Theatrical Trailers/Feature Films
Contact us for bespoke licensing quotes.

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