Finding the right music to fit in with your video project can be a challenging process. You spend hours and hours searching through music libraries for a track and when you find one you think will work, you slip it into the edit and it turns out it’s not quite right. You’re then back to the drawing board and square 1. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips on how to discover the best music for your videos. 

Composer Interview with Bob Good

Bob Good is a traditional British composer whose compositions have been scored for TV documentaries, films, adverts, election campaigns and many more. With over 100 tracks in the Cinephonix library, we thought it was only right to catch up with Bob to chat about his previous scores, inspirations and plans for 2017.

With the January blues out of the way and the new 50 Shades film out on 10th February, we thought it would only be appropriate to share our top 5 movie love songs with you. These tracks have become some of the most iconic romantic tunes in history, so let's take a break from the sultry side of things and take a look at the more amorous affairs to awaken your Valentine's Day passion.

Cinephonix Composer Interview

Australian composer Luke Gartner-Brereton has written music extensively for film, media, TV and online spanning a range of genres, styles and moods. Now, he joins us to chat about his inspirations, hobbies and upcoming plans for 2017.

UK based Cinephonix composer Richard Hunter produces for a range of productions, including music for games, films, advertisements, and animation. He is also a talented bass player and a very flexible musician, composing music in a range of genres, from jazz to rock. We recently caught up with Richard to find up what he’s been up to and where we can expect to see him in the future.

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