Try Before You Buy

Download unlimited tracks to trial in your production

When you’re in an edit, you’ll want to try out different music options to see what works. Or maybe you need to get a second or third opinion on a track before it is approved.

At Cinephonix we’ve made this easy. We allow you to download and synchronise different tracks into your production before purchasing them. No audition tracks with some person saying “copyright Cinephonix” every 5 seconds! No audition tracks with beeps or shortened versions.
Download and synchronise as many broadcast quality full length music tracks as you like, with our free Try Before You Buy Service.
Setting up a TryBuy account is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to get set up today:

  • We take a deposit from you which is the equivalent of a single track purchase at the corporate and online use rate. This secures your TryBuy account status.
  • You can then download unlimited tracks to try out
  • Your deposit is then credited against your first track purchase - so you only pay for the cost of licensing a music track.
  • Our only "small print" addition is that you need to make your first track purchase within 4 months of paying your deposit, otherwise we can not refund your deposit. If you don't envisage licensing just one music track within 4 months, then our TryBeforeYouBuy account is probably not for you.
Your TryBuy account is renewed every 4 months. We will contact you shortly before the end of each four-month period to give you the opportunity to renew your account.
When you download under TryBuy, your selected tracks automatically move to your Shopping Cart too, so it's easy for you to pay for your tracks once you've finalised your selection.
Try out different music options for your production today.

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