Corei Taylor

Corei Taylor is an accomplished producer who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. 10 years ago, Corei sold or gave away most of his belongings, except his musical gear of course, and drove across country to LA to further pursue his dream of becoming a music industry professional...

Since the move, Corei has arranged, produced and performed for various artists and has produced vocals for Latin artist Flora Purim and also Nita Whitaker. He has recorded vocals for megastar middle-Eastern artist Kazem Al-Saher and has performed professionally with one of his own favorite groups, Grammy award winning, Take 6.

Corei is currently producing for various artists as well as TV, film and all other digital media. His growing success means he's now acquired one or two more possessions since the big sell off...!
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Composed by Corei TaylorISRC Number: GB-PB6-00-01101
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