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Posted at 10:00 on 1st November 2015 by Cinephonix in Music


Music enhances the mood, emotion and message of a video, making it interesting and exciting for the viewer. We know that finding the right music for your video project can be a task, especially when you're searching on behalf of the client. So follow our simple tips to find the right music for your video projects.

1. Finalize the music early.

You'll be one step ahead if you have some idea of your music choices early on in the production process. Planning ahead allows you to: Get your clients approval on the music early so if they want to make changes you have the time to. Make effective use of the music within your editing pace - you can make good choices about how you use music to work with your video. Stay within budget, licensing music early allows you to plan your budget and reduces the chances of having no money left for music later on.


2. Identify the tone and mood of your video

It's important that you know the mood and message that you want to convey in your video before choosing tracks. We recommend you find a track that enhances the feeling of your video and supports it. Also, bare in mind your target audience, what age are they? What interested them? Why would they be watching your video? The viewer has to connect with the video, so using a heavy metal track for a corporate business man may not be the best approach.

Many music libraries give you the opportunity to search by mood, genre and style, making it easy to find tracks that suit your video. See our tips on making the most out of the Cinephonix search filters here:

3. Deciding on the time and place of music within your video.

Not all video projects need music throughout the whole video. Firstly, identify what sort of video you're creating and then judge the need for music on this. For example, if you're creating a company demo reel then music throughout would be suitable and enhance the video. But if you were making a corporate film including interviews etc, then music may just work best at the beginning and end of the video.  Music can actually be more powerful when used intermittently as you can use it to emphasize certain points within the video and ensure the person watching remains engaged throughout.

4. Vocals Vs No Vocals

Again, it's important to identify the purpose of your video. Vocals under an interview video can be distracting and off putting. But in a film, vocals can work really well. You also need to consider the actual context of the vocals, do they support the message of your video? For example, you don't want to be portraying a sad moment in a video with the lyrics to Uptown Funk. Often, we find no vocals are a safer bet.


5. Don't be afraid to cut up your music!

There is nothing worse than a video that goes on forever because the editor doesn't want to cut the music. Sometimes, parts of the song may not go with your edit so you can loop parts of the track to ensure the music comes in at the right time. Alternatively, some libraries such as 
Cinephonix offer track tweaks and customization of tracks to suit your edit. Feel free to email us for more information on 'Tailor My Track'.

6. Use a music library vs hiring a composer

Ideally, we'd all hire an original composer for every project but unfortunately our budgets don't allow that. Sourcing original music can be an expensive and time consuming process. Cinephonix can provide custom music for you. We know our composers and their preferred styles - we can select a composer that suits your brief to curate something completely unique to you. 

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Using a music library is the lower cost alternative. Cinephonix provides 1000's of premium quality exclusive tracks at affordable prices. Other good production music libraries include 
Premium BeatAudio Network and Music Bed.

Check out Cinephonix's carefully curated playlists for the ideal track for your next video.

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Tip: Whatever you choose to use, always avoid using copyright or commercial tracks in your video - these can get you in hot water! 


The Cinephonix team understand how hard it can be searching for music that fits your video which is why we offer a free music search service. Let us know your brief, send us a link to a similar track and we'll create a playlist of tracks based on your brief.

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