Cinephonix blog posts from November 2016


Online videos have made it easier than ever to learn new skills and solve your problems. With just one simple search you can find the answer to basically any question, whether that’s how to fix a puncture on a bike or how to do a backflip on a trampoline. Tutorials regularly gain a high number of views, as there are always people that need help with something. In this article you will learn the steps you need to take in order to produce your own video tutorials. Yes, this is a tutorial on how to make a tutorial!

Toby Dunham, one of Cinephonix's talented composers, has seen success composing music for a range of online shorts, television series and films. Composing music across all genres, Toby specialises in large scale orchestral pieces and creates music from his studio in Suffolk, UK. We caught up with Toby to see what he’s up to.

2016 has seen drone technology advance at an incredible rate. Features that were once only seen in professional, industry standard drones are now becoming available in drones costing under £500. This is really exciting for filmmakers shooting on a budget, and opens up a whole range of new possibilities when shooting your videos. However, with so many new impressive drones released in 2016, how do you decide which drone is right for you? Hopefully this list of the top 5 drones released in 2016 will help you.

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