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Posted at 11:00 on 2nd December 2015 by Cinephonix in Music


When it comes to creating TV commercials, we all want to grab the audiences attention. That's where music comes in. We've all caught ourselves humming a tune from an advert that we've seen on TV or realized that our favorite track became so famous on a commercial.

Music is a vital part of advertising, the average person is flooded with over 5000 advertising messages a day so it's important that you make your commercial stand out from the crowd. Using music is the best way to do this and we can prove it...

We've put together some of the reasons you should music in your advertisements.

  • The viewer is more likely to remember your commercial - Research shows that a multi-sensory experience is more likely to remembered than just a visual one. A song is more likely to stick in a viewers head when compared with just words and images. What's more, music allows us to connect with the associated images and words spoken so if they hear the track from your ad in the future, they'll link it with your company or brand.
  • Music touches people's emotions - All humans are more likely to make decisions based on their feelings in comparison to statistics, facts and logic. And what better to stir some emotions than music.

  • It's entertaining - All of us like to be entertained, so a catchy song is likely to hook the viewer and draw them into the commercial. If you compare this form of advertisement to a sales pitch, I think we'd all choose to watch a commercial with a great track in it.
  • Music helps connect you with your target audience - Using the right music for you audience will help structure your message so that viewers pick up on it and know it's for them. It doesn't matter what you're selling, you can always find music to suit your audience.
  • It gives your ad structure - A theme must be present for the message to be conveyed effectively. A good music tracks helps create this theme and guides the viewer through the advertisement by telling a story.
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So it's clear to see that using music in your advertisements is a must! Cinephonix has cut out the hassle and confusion of clearing library music. We offer a simple and affordable licensing structure for advertising music. Once purchased, all our tracks are cleared worldwide, on multiple platforms, forever. Find out more about our licensing structure for advertising below.

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