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By no means will having the best computer in the world make you an amazing video editor (if only it was that easy!). But having a fast computer will allow you to focus more of your time on the actual video editing as oppose to your computer rendering. Everyone has their own preferences but here's out top tips for picking the perfect computer for your video editing.

Purchase an SSD

This is one of the best investments you can make for video editing. A faster hard drive allows your computer to access your footage fasts which then leads to faster rendering, loading and exporting. They are significantly more expensive than your standard hard drive but it's definitely worth it to put you that one step ahead in editing. What's more, they can be purchased in most electrical stores and online including PC world, Novatech and Scan.

Increase RAM

Increased RAM will lead to faster editing speeds which is why a variety of editing programmes recommend that you have at least 4GB of RAM. In our opinion, the more RAM the better, most professional video editors have no less than 8GB of RAM.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for 'Random Access Memory'. This is a type of computer memory that can be access randomly, it's the most common type of memory found in computers and other devices such as printers. There are two main types of RAM:

  1. DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) 
  2. SRAM (Static Random Access Memory)
The two types of RAM differ in the technology they use to hold data, DRAM being the more common type.

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Video cards - make them better!

A video card outputs graphic images to your computers monitors. For editing, it's so important to have a good video card. Most of the major video editing applications actually have recommended graphics cards so we'd recommend you check those out before purchasing.


A faster processor ultimately allows you to render your video faster. However, it's all about balancing e.g you can have an amazing processor but an average video card or RAM making your computer run slow. Again, your video editing software will probably recommend a certain processor so check that out before you purchase.


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