How To Find Better Background Music For Video

Posted at 11:00 on 6th April 2016 by Cinephonix in Skills

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Sometimes, having so many choices of background music for your video can actually lead to you not finding a track that works.

Background music comes in thousands of moods, genres, styles, instruments, sub-mixes and sub-genres. So deciding on the right track for your video can be quite overwhelming and challenging. But asking yourself these questions should narrow down your choices to a manageable range.

What is the purpose of your video?

Videos can be made for a whole host of reasons from a small YouTube video about your cat to a worldwide video about the latest car model. So you have to ask yourself, what do you want your video to accomplish? 

Here's just a few aims your video could have:

  • Teach a skill
  • Tell a story
  • Sell a product
  • Share a viewpoint
  • Entertain
By answering this question before you do anything else, you'll be able to focus on the types of stock music scores that best suit your purpose. For example, a video with the aim to tell a story about the invasion of aliens will use different background music to a video tutorial on how to recycle paper.


Who is your audience?

Videos are made specifically for people to view and take something away from. By identifying the type of people who will watch your video, you can then decide on the appropriate background music.

If you're making a video about running a marathon, it's safe to assume that the people watching it will be physically active and healthy. They're also more likely to be younger and currently training for a marathon. So as you build this picture of your viewers, ask yourself, what kind of music are these people going to enjoy? In this particular situation, they're likely to want to hear upbeat, motivational tracks as oppose to haunting, slow building tracks.

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What is the videos theme?

This is not to be confused with the subject of the video. For example, the video's subject may be a company's improved financial figures but the theme would be that hard work and determination pays off. It's almost like the hidden message within the video. If you can identify the theme of the video, this often makes assigning some background music a more simple task. Typically, financial figures sounds like a relatively neutral and formal subject which initially makes you think of using more sophisticated and simple music. But when you incorporate the theme of determination, success and hard work, this shows you could use more inspiring and upbeat music.

This shows the importance of combining all aspects of the video before making your final decision on what stock music to use.

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What do you want the video to do for the viewer?

The focus here is how will the viewer be affected or changed by the video? If your video's purpose is to teach a new skill, you'd want the viewer to walk away feeling like they've learnt something new. Or if the purpose is to promote a new charity supporting children in third world countries, you'd want the viewer to come away feeling emotional and possibly wanting to donate to the charity.

Music is one of the best ways to evoke emotion so you can use it to create an impact on the viewer and determine how you want your viewers to feel. No matter what kind of video you're creating, Cinephonix provides premium quality video at affordable prices. Our search filters allow you to narrow down your track selection to find the perfect music for your video. 

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