Premiere Pro Tricks That'll Make You Feel Like A Pro

Posted at 14:15 on 26th January 2017 by Cinephonix in Skills

We’ve all experienced the frustration of video editing; spending hours upon hours trying to navigate a video timeline! That’s why we love Adobe Premiere Pro, the best video editing software to cut out the frustration and keep your workflow running as efficiently as possible, all at the touch of your fingertips. You may be a beginner to Premiere Pro or you could be an expert, either way, we’re sure you’ll benefit from our hints and tips to really make you feel like a Pro!

Manage your workspace setup

We all know the pain of having to arrange all of your panels each time you tackle a new task. Every second counts, so why waste your time? You can adapt and save your own presets based on your own habits, which will save you that little bit of valuable time. Just click on ‘Workspaces’ and save your set up.

Check out this YouTube tutorial to find out how to manage your own workspace setup!

Save your export settings

If you export using the same custom settings to Adobe Media Encoder, click the ‘save’ icon and use it! The next time you export something, your settings will be in the preset panel to save you the hassle of having to change to your custom settings once again.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

Now, you may think this will take up more time trying to learn and remember them, but within a week, you’ll be the master of Premiere Pro! We cannot stress enough how beneficial this will be for you in the long run. 

View the Premiere Pro cheat sheets!

Here’s our Top 10 Keyboard shortcuts to get you started.

Match Frame

When your piece begins to take shape, you may need to refer back to the source clips to ensure you’ve caught the correct frames of the correct take. To save you from having to manually search for each individual clip, Premiere Pro has the ‘Match Frame’ feature. To use the feature, click ‘Sequence > Match Frame’. Alternatively, stop on the frame and hit F. 

We’re loving this YouTube tutorial all about how to use Match Frame – check it out!

Paste Attributes

If you spend a lot of time changing the settings and getting them perfect on a single clip, you probably spend a lot of time changing the settings again so they are perfect for the next clip. And on it goes. Well, now you can ‘Paste Attributes’ which updates the related clips accordingly!  

Customise List View columns

The metadata in the ‘Project’ panel can display any metadata fields that you choose, not just the clip data fields. You can select the metadata columns to be displayed, change the order of columns, and add properties. Your choice of columns will be saved in the project file. The same selection of columns will appear in the ‘Project’ panel whenever you open that project – perfect!

Swapping Clips

If you are in the middle of editing your piece and suddenly decide to swap a clip with another, Premiere allows you to do so without leaving a gap! Hold ‘Cmd-Opt’ and drag the clip to where you want it and watch the other clips swap.

Who knew some of the simplest of tips could make your editing life so much easier? Sometimes, taking the time to learn these tricks can save you bags of time in the long run.

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