Using Music To Enhance Your Training Videos

Posted at 15:00 on 8th April 2016 by Cinephonix in Skills

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Video is fast becoming the 'go-to' method for training purposes. Increasingly, learning over long distances and the use of non-traditional educations techniques has become more and more popular.

But how do we engage and motivate our students with a video? By using music.

Background music has been proven to increase engagement and interactivity in training videos. We've put together our top reasons to use production music in your next video.

Music sets the tempo for the presentation

Using upbeat, mid-tempo music in the background of your video will help your students learn new material better. They associate the new knowledge with that particular sound making it easier to remember.

It may be hard for us to remember something we got taught just yesterday but just think how easy it is for us to get that catchy song stuck in our head all day long. By combining content with music, it will make it easier for students to remember it. 


The type of music you use will also give the viewer and indication of the content they're learning and the pace that they need to learn it. You could use faster, more upbeat tracks for parts that are easy to pick up and more exciting and more subtle, in-depth tracks for areas where the learner may need to think more.  It’s proven that classical music has been successful in this field as well as softer forms of jazz.

Music engages the brain

Often, without realizing, people are more engaged when listening to music. Usually, viewers won't even realize there is background music playing but subconsciously, their brains are recognizing it and engaging with the content associated with it. This is something that is increasingly being recognized by advertisers and entertainers.

When training others, engagement is the first and most essential step to providing effecting training. By using production music in your video, either subtly or more noticeable, you are sure to engage your viewers.

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Using music to signal transition points

All information is separated into various steps and sections before it's conveyed to someone else. In a training video, you can use music to notify the viewer that you're transitioning onto a new knowledge point without actually distracting them from what they're currently learning.

Switching the videos background music at each transition point will subtly guide the viewer through the learning process and each section without making it seem like something different.

It's important in this situation to not drastically change the style or tempo of the track as this will provide a break in concentration for the viewer rather than subtle change.

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Music focuses and relaxes the brain

Obviously your choice of track has an impact on this point. An excel tutorial with a heavy metal track in the background isn't exactly going to help the learner focus. But studies show that properly selected music scores will have a positive effect on the learning process. 

We recommend using upbeat, simple tracks with slight pace changes throughout for brain stimulation when learning.

Overall, production music is a simple and reliable way to enhance your corporate and training videos. Cinephonix contains 1000's of premium quality background tracks, perfect for training videos.

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