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So What Is Production Music

Production Music is the most commonly used term to describe music specifically written for use in film, tv production, commercials, radio, gaming, corporate videos the internet and more.

Production music is used for a vast number of media uses. Everything from "hold music" to the top Hollywood blockbusters use production music. Production music is written with the intention of enhancing a product or production. It is not written specifically for direct sale to the public - which is where it differs from commercial music which is sold by record companies around the world.

Since production music is written with media use in mind, good production music companies will aim to offer broadcast quality music, with alternative versions and submixes of each music track. This gives you more choice and flexibility in your edit. You can find details on how to search our production music including stings, submixes and alternative versions here

Production music is often described as Stock Music, Library Music or Media Music. There are also other terms such as Royalty Free Music and Buyout Music, which relate to specific types of music companies and how they license music. To understand what it all these terms mean, first you should read about the different categories of production music companies. This will help you make the right choice and avoid some of the pitfalls and confusion often associated with purchasing production music.

At Cinephonix we try to be clear and transparent in how you can use our music. You can purchase our music simply by selecting your intended usage. For example, music for TV, music for TV ads or music for websites etc. Once you've selected the accurate useage, you are free to use our music in your production. It is cleared worldwide for that use. Simple, straightforward. We are proud of our production music and aim to deliver on service and quality every day. 

You can find more details on the history of production music libraries, types of companies and details on Cinephonix production music below. 

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