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Use Cinephonix Music For Documentaries With Confidence.

These days, documentaries have the potential to reach a global audience both on TV, cinema and the web. Simple, worldwide licensing to use music in your documentary is therefore more important than ever. Cinephonix offers film makers a flexible and cost effective music solution that is perfect for documentaries.

We offer simple, worldwide licensing and transparent pricing, so you can be confident that the music you use in your documentary is cleared for worldwide broadcast at a cost that suits your budget. Our music license also clears you to broadcast your documentary on the web, YouTube, Facebook, VOD and other uses. 

You can purchase music for documentaries in two ways: 

Option 1 - Pay Per Track - A Single Use License - think "pay as you go"
Option 2 - Unlimited Use - A Blanket License

Option 1 - Pay Per Track - Single Use License 

A Single Use License is like a "pay-as-you-go" license. Purchasing a track under Single Use allows you to use that music track as many times as you like in any one single production. If you want to another track, or use the same track again in a second or third documentary, you must purchase a new single use license. 

Rates for single use licenses are displayed by each track once you select the "TV Production Radio" license from the drop down menu. You only pay the single up front license fee - no further licenses or clearances are needed and no further fees are payable. Simple.  

Option 2 - Unlimited Use - Blanket License

A Blanket License is a great way to access as much music as you like in as many productions as you like. It gives you unlimited access for a whole year. You can pay for unlimited access upfront, or structure the payments on a monthly or quarterly basis.  

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Upgrade to a Try Before You Buy account and you can try out our fantastic production music in your edit for free, with no obligation to purchase.Trial as much music as you like, and only pay for the tracks you ultimately use. Contact us to upgrade to a Try Before You Buy account today.  

Whether you need just a few tracks, or music for you whole film, Cinephonix is a great solution for music for documentaries. 

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