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Use Cinephonix Music For Facebook Videos With Confidence

Whether you're uploading a home video or producing virals for a client, you need to make sure that the music used in the videos you upload to Facebook is properly licensed. This applies whether the music is simply in the background or if it is the main theme. Cinephonix allows you to use music for Facebook videos with confidence, in the knowledge that our music is cleared across the web, across the world.

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We offer a simple worldwide license, so you can be certain that the music you use for a website or website video is cleared for worldwide internet use, including broadcast on websites such as Facebook and other social networking sites. Music clearance for Facebook is simple and instant with Cinephonix. 

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Using Our Music In Facebook Videos

You can license our music in two ways:

Option 1 - Pay Per Track - A Single Use License - think "pay as you go"
Option 2 - Unlimited Use - A Blanket License

Option 1 - Pay Per Track - Single Use License 

A Single Use License is like a “pay-as-you-go” license. Purchasing a track under Single Use allows you to use that music track as many times as you like in any one video production. If you want to use the same track again in a second or third video, you must purchase the track again.  Rates for single use licenses are displayed by each track once you select the “Website or Corporate Use” license from the drop down menu. 

Option 2 - Unlimited Use - Blanket License

A Blanket License is a great way to access as much music as you like in as many productions as you like. It gives you unlimited access for a whole year. You can pay for unlimited access upfront, or structure the payments on a monthly or quarterly basis.  

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Try Before You Buy

Upgrade to our Try Before You Buy account and download as many tracks as you like to trial in as many productions as you like with no obligation to purchase. Trial as much music as you like, and only pay for the tracks you ultimately use. Contact us to upgrade to a Try Before You Buy account today.

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